Electrify Your Brand
Healthcare is in Our DNA
Vela Technologies
Specialized expertise to help medical companies identify, define,
develop and promote the right products to satisfy customer needs.

Graphic Advance
Expert website and electronic promotional design  with special
expertise in healthcare.

MedView Media
Bringing more clients through expert first impression video production
and multi media presentations for the medical community.

KM  Consulting Group
For over 15 years, KM Consulting Group has been building technology
start-ups, creating novel product lines, developing new markets
globally and branding companies for market leadership and success.
Our wealth of
connections will
be an asset to
your firm.
Proactively seek out client opportunities.
True partners who learn your organization in-depth.
Responsive to your needs.
Strategic thinkers, accomplished communicators.
Deep connections in multiple areas of the healthcare industry.
Immediately return  your phone call!