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The Anatomy of a Powerful Campaign
The Anatomy of a Well-Crafted Campaign

In 2005, CoActiv was a local Conn. IT company with several custom-developed technology implementations in
nearby healthcare and medical imaging practices. That year, for the first time, the company attended RSNA to
introduce its initial PACS product. It hoped to significantly expand its customer base and to become a
recognized force in the medical imaging field.

Over the years, as CoActiv’s HealthFlash marketing efforts helped CoActiv gain significant traction and
recognition in the field, the company’s business expanded to include hospitals, multi-specialty practices, in
addition to radiology groups. So too, as its success grew, the CoActiv product line expanded.Its RSNA booth
size increased more than four-fold as it moved to a location of prominence at the major medical convention.
The company’s sales increased steadily each year as did the caliber of its customer base. Today, its
technology integrates at many installations with such companies as G.E.and Siemens.
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HealthFlash has been responsible for planning and implementing all marketing activities for the rapidly
growing company, Shortly after engaging HealthFlash, the CoActiv brand was seen all major healthcare
and IT media, with memorable ads based on consistent themes and was featured in the editorial content
of major industry media. Attention-getting giveaways and contests drew traffic to the company booth at
major industry events. Press frequently interviewed company president Ed Heere.

Because CoActiv succeeded in attracting a number of well-recognized radiology practices, at one
point,HealthFlash recommended a series of testimonial ads that used these customers to reinforce the
credibility of the brand, while creating an attention-getting campaign. These ads are presented in the
portfolio, along with others These same installations also were featured in case studies in numerous
industry magazines. Simultaneously, a steady stream of press releases also highlighted sales and other
company developments, keeping the CoActiv name in the news. .In addition to this, other more creative
ads helped the company differentiate itself from the competition.

Over the years, thanks, in part, to its partnership with HealthFlash, Coactiv was transformed from a small
local firm to a company with national and a growing international business.
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